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Alumni Foundation helps Rosholt Schools excel

Centennial Celebration packs in the entertainment

Dear RHS alumni, faculty, former faculty, parents, and friends,                April, 2013

This is an exciting year to be sending you greetings and lots of information, not only about the activities of the Alumni Foundation, but also the Centennial Celebration. It’s been five years in the making, and is shaping up to a fantastic time.

We are grateful to have such a wonderful group of alumni who are so supportive of the school and the town. With your support, we have helped transform the school over the last dozen years since the Foundation was started. Not only did you help build a new elementary wing and gymnasium wing, but with your help, the long gymnasium hall is now lined with six beautiful oak trophy cases. These cases have been built by the shop class under teacher Eric Kleindl’s supervision. This year, an oak coat rack was built as well.

The Foundation has matured beyond "just" a reunion and an alumni directory. With your help, the Foundation has agreed to sponsor the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar every year, at a cost of $150. This letter is going out too early this year to know the 2013 HOBY representative.

The Foundation embarked on a new sponsorship this year, and organized the first annual
District Teacher of the Year award, which went to high school math teacher Mindy Foltz (shown, right, with Foundation Board members Mimi Larsen, Lana Sand, and Marlene Luick). The many nominations submitted by fellow teachers, staff, parents, and students (present and former) were inspirational. She received a plaque, and a $100 award, and is now eligible for the Regional Teacher of the Year contest.

Every year we ask the school for a
Wish List, and this year, there is only one wish: laptops. The school has two carts filled with out-dated laptops that are checked out each period by teachers for use in the classroom. They would like to transition to one laptop per high school student for use throughout the day. Many other schools do this, and it brings all students to a level playing field. Computers have become essential to current teaching/learning methods. The Foundation is asking if, in honor of the Centennial, you would consider contributing to this technology upgrade. Please see the coupon on a following page.

Recently, the
Monsanto Fund donated $2500 to the Foundation at the request of Dennis and Phyllis Hokanson, winners of the America’s Farmers Grow Communities grant. The Hokansons asked that the money be used to buy a set of flip boards to showcase all the senior composites. The composites were digitized last year, and will be printed and displayed in wall-mounted flip boards. This will be a great way for alumni to reminisce about classmates of years gone by. There is also enough money left over for one last trophy case.

Alumnus of the Year
The Foundation is again accepting nominations for the 2012 Alumnus of the Year award. Last year’s recipient was Donna Erickson. Nominees must be living, at least 55 years old, and have made notable contributions of service to his or her community, school, family, and/or other organization(s). The deadline is July 1st, and nominations should be sent to the above address or emailed to Jill Eggers ( Those making nominations should include their phone number and postal or email address. All nominations not awarded will be reconsidered the two next years. 

Full Printable Letter with Centennial Celebration  information: 2013 Alumni Letter 


Lana (Anderson) Sand, ’73, President 605-537-4354 
Karen (Pohl) Renelt ‘71, Vice President 320-287-2751
Peggy (Braun) Eggers, ‘70, Secretary 605-537-4843
Mimi Larsen, ‘77, (Friend), Treasurer; 605-537-4338
Jill (Hokanson) Eggers,’86, Alumni List Coordinator 605-537-4394
Marlene Luick, ’52, Archivist 701-474-5855


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Gene Bergstrom has finish the daunting task of converting over 80 reel to real tapes of band & choral concerts that were recorded by Walter Rennerfeldt from 1949-1986. He has spent countless hours recording, enhancing sound & cataloging all the concerts.  Not only is each concert cataloged, but also the names of those who had solos, duets, quartets, etc. This is a huge undertaking & Gene deserves many thanks for his volunteer work in preserving this community treasure.  

The CD's are selling for $10.00 + $2.00 for shipping & handling.  Order form is available on the last page of the catalog. 

To request a catalog of the available CD's please 
Gene Bergstrom or stop in at Great Western Bank in Rosholt. 


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